Eliminating Mold Smell From a Washing Machine
By Media Team

When you think of the laundry room, do you think of fresh-smelling clothes and linens or about the strange washing machine odor you can’t seem to get rid of? While high-efficiency machines are beneficial and superior to traditional models, they do have a few drawbacks. The two main problems are a low water level and a rubber door seal. The horizontal tumblers allow for less water, which is fantastic when using the proper detergent. However, when you use a regular detergent, the machine does not provide enough water to eliminate all the soap, meaning your machine develops soap scum, mildew, and potentially mold. The rubber seal is also a prime space for debris and material to gather, resulting in scum, mildew, and mold. Thankfully, a minor problem does not require the skilled hands of mold remediation experts in Southern & Central California. There is a simple four-step process to clean the drum and, once again, have fresh-smelling clothes.

1. Use a Gentle Cleanser Do not use bleach when you sense a mold smell. Granted, it is a strong cleaner, but it is also a harsh chemical unnecessary for this job. Instead, reach for the baking soda. Mix a ¼ cup of baking soda with a ¼ cup of water, and pour into the detergent container.

2. Add in the Vinegar Before running your washing machine, add two cups of vinegar to the drum. Do not put any clothes in the cycle. The baking soda and vinegar alone will break up residue in the drum and kill any existing mold.

3. Run the Drum With both of the ingredients added to the machine and no dirty laundry present, you can run a cycle. You want to run the longest cycle on high heat to ensure maximum cleanliness and effectiveness.

4. Scrub When the cycle finishes, and the solution drains, inspect the drum. If you see any remaining spots, get a kitchen sponge and a bucket with 1:1 water and vinegar mix, and scrub. When finished, you can run the washing machine for a final cycle. Good as new.