5 Steps for Building a Business Continuity Plan
By Media Team

When your Santa Clarita, commercial building is affected by storm damage, such as flooding, it can bring business to a standstill. It’s critical to prepare a continuity plan. This plan will enable the business to continue to limit loss as much as possible during the restoration process.

Begin creating your plan today


Create a List of the Fundamentals
First, you’ll need to think about everything that your company will require if the unthinkable occurs. You’ll also need to create variations based on different emergency situations that could arise (e.g., a fire will present other issues than those of a flood).

Organize a Team
Creating a team of several people to develop a BCP can help avoid missing key factors. Incorporate employees from different departments and from different levels within the organization to give input. This will make the plan as thorough as possible.

Identify Essential Aspects
When you’re creating a continuity plan, you must think of the company as a whole. Consider every aspect of your business (i.e., all people involved, processes, assets). You also must think about how a disaster could affect each element if the business was halted.

Establish Specific Jobs
Next, it’s vital to assign people to critical roles well before the BCP has to be executed. For example, give someone the task of calling restoration professionals to begin cleanup immediately after storm damage or another type of emergency. Assign When people know their roles well and the ultimate mission, catastrophic effects will be minimized.

Test and Hone the Plan
Once you have created a good BCP draft, it’s essential to take the time to review it and test it with everyone involved. This will help determine any weak or missing elements. Then, you can work together to hone the plan to cover all essential details and operate smoothly.
The design of your business continuity plan will depend on your company’s specific needs. Creating it may be more complex than you anticipate, but you’ll be glad to have it in place after a crisis.